SASC integrates all services from various departments into one-single service point to provide information, advices, and supports to Prospective Students, Current Students, and Alumni. We aim to provide the services with effectiveness, efficiency, friendly, and comfortable manner. We also target to provide an online service to facilitate the self-service online requests, where it is possible.

S : “Service from Heart”
A : “Accessible to all Students”
S : “Source of Information”
C: “Convenience for Students”

Our Responsibilities:

  • We provide general information to the students.
  • We process student petition forms.
  • We advise student on the registration such as course description and application process.
  • We coordinate with various departments in the university to ensure all student-related information is obtained and provided to students.
  • We provide useful, relevant, and timely information to students.
  • We report information, concerns, and suggestions derived from the service we provide to University Management to rectify in a timely manner.
  • We continually review the process of student service to support the dynamic changes surrounding university’s operation.